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This episode got under my skin in the best of ways. I can’t get it out of my head, so I need to blog about it.

First off, this:


Seriously, the way she’s looking at him?! Dear lord, my heart can’t take it.

There are so many things to love about this show. The scenes between Bill and Gini…

are beautifully shot and there are so many little nuances which I’m curious were scripted or not: Gini playing with Bill’s ears during the sub/dom scene, the way she tenderly caresses his hair, how she gently kisses his bloody hand when they’re laying on the hotel bed…

These scenes strike a chord in me like no other TV show has ever been able to do. You actually forget that you’re watching actors because it’s so. damn. real.

Can I say how much I loved the camera angle in this scene?!



It seems like there hasn’t been much on-screen sex this season (as compared to last season), but the scenes we ARE afforded with are not only sensual and sexy, but they’re gorgeously shot, intense and real.  Quality over quantity.

It’s evident that Bill and Gini love each other, but never has that become so apparent than in the final scene of “Below The Belt”. He said she could leave.  She didn’t.  She comforted him when he looked to her for comfort.  She wasn’t repulsed by him being battered and bloody.  She knows he’s not the monster that he thinks he is.

Then, he marks her with his own blood which is SO symbolic of so many things I just can’t even delve into right now.  It was beautiful. That entire scene was beautiful. And for the people/reviewers that don’t get it, I’m sorry, but it was brilliantly poignant.  (Satchp wrote a fantastic blood analysis, which can be read here)

We’ve waited a long time for them to kiss in not only a passionate way, but also in a way that expresses their love for one another. Their first kiss in “Blackbird” was overshadowed by the sadness of the events that took place in that episode, and while it was a kiss, it wasn’t the kiss so many of us had been hoping for.  

We were finally rewarded in “Below The Belt” and it was spectacular. It actually left me breathless and in an elated-type state.


Again, another absolutely amazing camera angle.(Dear Michael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan, I hope you two get married one day IRL, because you are too. fucking. perfect. together.)

I have a theory as to what may ultimately cure Bill’s impotence for good, but I’m gonna keep that to myself for now (if you’ve seen the previews for next Sunday’s episode, it seems that Bill’s problem persists to some extent).

I loved this episode. I’m digging Libby & Robert, Lester & Barb and even Flo & Langham.

Thank you, Masters of Sex. Thank you.

Oh, and I just about flatlined after the last scene.  But what a beautiful death it would have been.


You know, I never begged for him to stop. I mean you heard us, you were there. I never begged. So why did you? Maybe for the same reason you’re a drunk. A sloppy alcoholic, sorry, with your amends, and your steps, and your chips, clinging to your little code words and your trinkets. There is something inside you that is weak. You’ve always been weak, Frank. Francis. Well that’s your real affliction. Cowardice. You are a coward. You want to forgive me? Ok, forgive me for not respecting you.

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